to be heard, listen.


The Listening Leader Masterclass

Group Interactive listening skill workshops

The Listening Labs coaching

One to one sessions to discover and  enhance your listening skills.


Discover how to design interactive and joyful workshops to make all feel heard

Curriculum design consultancy

Bespoke interactive and engaging curriculum design.


I’m Carol Ann Gvineria

the story of the listening labs

From 25 years of working with groups, teams and organisations, across ages, cultures and fields, by far the MOST successful ones, I have found have ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR


This is a connection that comes from

People feeling heard

They don’t always have to agree but they feel their voice heard.

This connection comes in the presence of


I am SO convinced and so passionate about this, having seen its incredible power in action over and over again, not only in the 25 years of my career but in life, and it’s this that made me establish The Listening Labs – an idea etched on the sand, one windy day whilst on holiday with my son in the North East of Scotland.

Listening is what makes communication – it is vital, without it there is no real communication






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