Core Energy

Leadership Coaching

1:1 Coaching

The Listening Labs Coaching with Carol Ann focuses on holistic leadership coaching. We all lead in different ways within our lives – whether professionally or personally. How we lead  influences others and how we lead our own lives. shows up in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and impacts how we communicate, collaborate with others and how we care for and honour and celebrate ourselves. 

What happens in Coaching?

During your coaching engagement, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your strengths and take action around growth opportunities. You will be able to carve out precious time to focus entirely on yourself, explore and develop ideas, consider different perspectives and options, and work through challenges with intention to create the movement you want as the leader of your own life.

As your Coach, committed to your success, I will provide a safe space, listen wholeheartedly and engage with you with a spirit of compassionate curiosity.

Our coaching is based on iPEC’s top-tier Energy Leadership
Development System.