Hello! I am Carol Ann Gvineria. 

I live in Glasgow, Scotland with my young son.  This photo in case you are curious was in the beautiful far windy North East of Scotland where ‘The Listening Labs’ was first etched on the sand. 

Here’s my story on why I set it up.

Longer back than I care to think – I chose to study a Masters in Psychology and then a Masters in Guidance in Counselling in the beautiful city of Durham, UK.

The therapeutic approach and the importance of the ‘relationship’ always stayed close to me over the past 20 years as a course designer, trainer and facilitator, being part of teams, leading teams and observing teams.

Over the years, no matter in which country , culture or field I worked, whether in schools, with NGOs, government institutions or business, it became clearer and clearer to me that beyond tools, and methodologies, the teams that collaborated the best, understood and respected each other and overall had the best dynamic results, were  those that nurtured a culture of listening, or at the very least a willingness to nurture one.

Even the willingness of one person to listen made an impact. It’s that powerful.

Conversely, in its absence, trust was scarce and fear ruled the day. Relationships were strained and beautiful potential was lost.

Listening is something we do everyday and on some days I admit to doing it better than others.

Despite its common nature, it is the mortar that keeps together all our relationships – in both our personal and professional lives.

Why then is ‘Are you listening to me?’ still such a common refrain? The truth is, to listen well, takes time, commitment, and energy. It requires that we listen not only to the person we are with, but to ourselves. It’s not that we don’t know what good listening is, in the presence of a good listener we flourish, we feel it – it’s magnetic, like a super power. 

I wanted to hone in on this vital and essential skill,  whose ranking in communication skills often favoured by speaking- yet there is just no conversation when there is no listener, or if there is – its not a great one.  So, I established ‘The Listening Labs’.

Through the ‘The Listening Labs’ my hope is that ‘one ear’ at a time, in our fast paced world , space can be created for deep connection for which we are all crave and are hard wired.