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I am Carol Ann Gvineria, Scottish-born and bred, founder of The Listening Labs, and an education and adult learning Consultant. For the past 25 years, I have been designing and delivering training and workshops globally to strengthen team and individual capacity to enhance connection and drive organisational effectiveness. I have worked in multiple sectors across generations and cultures with business, non-profits, government institutions, public health and in education.

With my background in Psychology and Counselling Psychology, creating listening cultures has been the backbone behind the many capacity-building training sessions and workshops I’ve designed and facilitated throughout my career.  I’ve witnessed the power of listening as transformative.

Team relationships being repaired, hidden potential being unleashed, the fostering of respect, and meaningful connections being formed are just a few of the outcomes I’ve seen when a willingness to listen, communicate and connect is embraced.

Why “The Labs“? Well, if you are anything like me  – you’re not  always the perfect listener.  Every interaction is unique, and countless factors can influence how well we listen in any given moment.

Our emotional state, external distractions, our assumptions and even our history with someone can impact our listening abilities.

That’s why I created The Listening Labs as a safe and supportive space where you as a leader can explore your own listening patterns and master listening skills that will not only transform both your professional and team relationships but, as a beautiful side effect,  will also feel the positive impact of your “Lab” work in your personal relationships.

If you’re curious to learn more about The Listening Labs and how it can benefit you and your organisation, I invite you to schedule a FREE  exploratory call.

Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the incredible potential that lies within you and your team through dynamic and  transformative listening.

Some kind words from clients



“Carol Ann helped my team put things into perspective, down to earth and without the big words. The team became much more flexible and efficient and able to focus on common goals.  Actually, later on, the teams were able to support the organisation in very challenging situations. It would have been much more difficult to reach that level of performance without the support of Carol Ann.”

Mystery Person
Mikael Lesko
Embassy Head of Chancery

Very interactive session, thought-provoking. Confident speaker and engaging! 10.

Hemat Gryffe 'Women's Aid'
Bespoke Workshop Client

I worked with Carol Ann for two years and found her range of knowledge and ability to connect with people incredible. Carol Ann has great empathy which allows her to get the best out of everyone, both adults and young people. Carol Ann, thank you for your contribution, advice and support.

Mark Ruddy
Deputy Head Teacher, Client
St. Mungo's Academy, Glasgow City Council

It was through Carol Ann’s mentorship, guidance, time, conversation and passion for insight into our experience that she opened the door for me in the understanding of emotional literacy.

Carol Ann always tailors her approach to attune to the needs of the professional, ultimately leading to the generation of a positive, compassionate approach to transforming the culture of our learning environment.

Jennifer Armstrong
Workshop Participant
Principal Teacher, Govan High School, Glasgow City Council

As a leader of many different people in different contexts, it’s essential that I seek to excel at being, first and foremost, a good listener. Carol Ann’s Listening Lab program is at first humbling. So you thought you were a good listener hmmm? Think again! But this realization comes about within Carol Ann’s program not as a remonstration but instead by allowing you to see that you can be so much more than you already are. Now, seeing this new opportunity for growth, Carol Ann gently takes you by the hand and (more…)

Theo Kauffman
Workshop Participant

One enters the Listening Lab with Carol Ann and goes on a journey of self-discovery, where together, we explored what it means to truly listen.  Carol Ann generously shares her vast knowledge and experience, having worked closely with many individuals, teams and organizations in many diverse settings where she shines a gentle but powerful light on the subject of Listening. The results are… Transformative. She creates a learning environment that is so safe and confidential inside The Listening Lab, it brings an ease and comfort to share openly and learn with fellow participants.

June Sterling, RN, MSN
Workshop Participant
CEO June Sterling Coaching

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