As a leader of many different people in different contexts, it’s essential that I seek to excel at being, first and foremost, a good listener. Carol Ann’s Listening Lab program is at first humbling. So you thought you were a good listener hmmm? Think again! But this realization comes about within Carol Ann’s program not as a remonstration but instead by allowing you to see that you can be so much more than you already are. Now, seeing this new opportunity for growth, Carol Ann gently takes you by the hand and helps you acquire the tools to be a better listener and,as such, a better leader and a better participant in any or all relationships you have in your life. Integrating the lessons learned through the Listening Labs has amazingly and simply resolved tensions in my workplaces, made my team more productive and efficient and cemented us as a team. I can only recommend Carol Ann’s Listening Labs if you want to change the quality of your life for the better. This program will transform your life. It has changed mine and, in return, all the people that I have the honor and privilege of leading.