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Group workshops & Bespoke training

We all crave to be heard, but we need the presence of a skilled listener to bring our best and give others the chance to bring their best, then we all win. Our interactive mini listening skill workshops and deeper bespoke listening skill will give you these skills and will be designed according to your particular needs.

Curriculum design consultancy

Sometimes, we know exactly what we want our audience to learn, but can get stuck on how to design it in an interactive and engaging way that really ensure people ‘get it’. THIS is our passion and we can work alongside you with your content to really make it come alive that makes people ASK to attend your training and workshops.


Having designed training and workshops internationally for more than 25 years, this training will give you all the skills, methods and tools to confidently run your own interactive and joyful workshops that gives a chance for your whole team to immerse themselves in your event and feel heard.

One to one

I know that sometimes we want to explore things in a more private setting – and so at The Listening Labs we run one to sessions if you are looking to enhance your listening skills. If this is you can book a free discovery call below.

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